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Welcome to Carefile Medical Systems' Web Site!

Carefile was formed in 1984 to address the automation needs of physicians and their staff. With the advent of the personal computer, Carefile began developing systems that brought the power of computing to the medical office. More than fifteen years later, our products continue to evolve (as personal computing continues to evolve) in order to provide increased efficiency to the doctor workplace.

Carefile systems have been installed in over 200 hospitals, clinics, and private offices, with over 750 physicians currently using the system. These systems are in use in Québec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and in various locations in the United States.

Carefile's flagship product is CareOffice -- an integrated suite of billing and scheduling packages available exclusively for the Windows platform. At the moment, CareOffice is only available for the Québec and New Brunswick medicare systems but an Ontario version will be available soon. CareOffice provides a complete electronic billing system fully integrated with a very easy to use and full-featured appointment scheduling system. Full patient and doctor databases are also included.

All of the Carefile modules are designed to be easy to learn and easy to use. They have been designed to make data entry as simple as possible and their use will result in significant time savings for both physician and staff. This increased efficiency will result in improved patient and financial management.

Please take a few moments to explore our website and see what we have to offer. We thank you for your interest in Carefile.

Please e-mail us if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.

If you wish to contact us by phone, we can be reached at the following numbers:

    Toll Free (Canada):   (800) 931-9117
    Telephone:   (514) 931-9117

We can also be reached by mail at the following address:

    Carefile Medical Systems Inc.
    PO Box 331 Station Westmount
    Westmount, Québec
    H3Z 2T5
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Latest Bulletins
SYRA Certification On April 26, 2016 the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) officially certified our new billing software to be fully compliant with their new RFP (système de règlement des factures des professionnels de la santé) billing system. We intend to start rolling out updates to our customers beginning in June, 2016.

Internet Submissions Our Québec Windows billing packages include support for RAMQ's TIP-I Internet based billing system. We are currently hard at work to add support for RAMQ's new SYRA system. This will be a major revamp of their Internet system and will add many new features. Expected availability of SYRA support for all Carefile billing modules is the spring of 2016.

CareOffice 3.10 The latest versions of CareOffice and CareBook add several exciting new features to the scheduling module. Topmost is the ability to sync your appointments with any Apple or Android smartphone.

CareOffice 1.10 New CareOffice (and CareBook) version. This release adds several exciting new features to the scheduling module. You now have the ability to define scheduling templates that cutomize appointment types for any given day, week, month etc. We also added an AutoAssign MRN feature when adding new patients. Please call for details.

Vacation billing Now available! With this new version our Québec Windows billing packages have added support for anaesthesia billing as well as for the 'Vacation et Honoraires Forfaitaires' billing form. Please call for update information.

Reminders Just added! The ability to attach audible reminders to each of your appointments.

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